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Leigh Electrical’s Guide to LED Lighting

From 2018 all filament and halogen lamps are being banned from sale – so LED lighting is the best solution to illuminate your home. Although an LED lamp is much more expensive than a conventional filament one, it’s much more efficient in the long run, as they run at a much lower wattage. In layman’s terms, that means you can power ten LED lamps for every 60 watt light bulb!


LED lights also run at a much lower temperature than their incandescent cousins, making them a lot safer to use. Heat emitted by these older bulbs can represent as much as 90% of the total energy emitted by an incandescent light: and as LED lights are generally much cooler, this greatly reduces the risk of fire. This uber-efficiency has another side to it – since no energy will be wasted in heat, you’ll end up saving money on your electricity bill. Sounds like a win-win situation!


While breakages can often occur with traditional spot lights, causing no end of annoyance and a lengthy clean-up operation, LED lights aren’t actually made with glass at all. They’re made of solid material, with no filament or tungsten inside the bulb to break in the first place – and unlike the energy efficient lamps that needed ages to warm up, LEDs come on straight away, with no annoying half-light before they warm up properly.


At Leigh Electrical we only use Aurora LEDs, as in our opinion, they’re the best of the bunch. Not only are they strong, efficient and durable, they also offer a 50,000 hour guarantee – so you won’t need to replace another LED until 2026!


LED bulbs are truly the future of lighting technology – so get on board! With halogens and filaments being phased out of the light bulb scene, LEDs provide efficient, eco-friendly energy at a much lower cost. For help and advice about your new LED lights across Essex and London, contact Leigh Electrical today!

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