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Electrical Safety in the Garden

Relaxing in the garden, cold drink in hand and enjoying the sun and gentle breeze is one of the biggest pleasures of an English summer. All your hard work maintaining the garden year-round is finally worthwhile – but with wet English weather almost inevitable, there can be hidden dangers in your garden that could prove fatal.

It’s extremely important to ensure that everything in your garden is safe and secure: and that’s where Leigh Electrical comes in. Providing a premier electrical service around the South Essex and London area, here’s our guide to keeping your garden free of danger.

First and foremost, RCD protection is absolutely crucial for electrical safety in your garden. All garden appliances should be protected by an RCD (residual current device), whether that’s a lawnmower, a hedge trimmer or a hot tub – these devices protect from deadly electric shocks by automatically turning off if they detect a fault such as a cut cable. As they’re so incredibly important to the general safety of your garden, they need to be tested regularly to check everything is working as it should, giving you much-needed peace of mind that your garden is as safe as it possibly can be.

While RCDs are important, this doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you need to look at in your garden. When using tools and equipment make sure cables are out of the way, you’re wearing shoes that cover the whole of your feet and that you absolutely do not mow the lawn or use power tools in wet weather. Although sometimes it can be difficult finding a day where it doesn’t rain in England, as you know, mixing water and electricity is incredibly dangerous!

While garden lights can look beautiful, throwing a soft glow on areas of your garden you’d like to highlight, they can be hazardous if they haven’t been installed properly. It’s important that lights are weatherproof to protect against any inclement weather and are installed by a reputable electrician and regularly tested to make sure they’re all working properly.

Make sure all cables are kept dry in a safe location, and kept as loosely as possible to prevent stretching and damage. Cables should be loose – not twisted – and easy to use. However if you’re unsure of anything, please contact a qualified electrician to examine them for you.

Leigh Electrical is happy to help with whatever you may need: whether that’s testing your cables, RCDs and garden appliances to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape or installing weatherproof garden lights, we’re dedicated to top quality, professional and secure electrical work. If you’re looking for electricians in the South Essex and London area, please contact Leigh Electrical today!

Featured Image: Greenbank, Summer 2002 | © alljengl, Flickr.

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