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The Dangers of Overloading Circuits

We’ve all had that instant feeling of annoyance and regret when you plug something in you shouldn’t have, tripping the whole circuit. When you desperately want to dry your hair but find out that it’s just too much for your electrics. So what exactly causes this and what can you do to stop it happening?

As you may have guessed, using too many appliances on one circuit is one of the main causes of overload. Solving this could be as easy as redistributing the power around your house so there isn’t one area that’s overburdened and running over capacity. Make sure you check the breaker so that it’s the right size, as consistently overloading your circuits is extremely dangerous for your systems.

Extension leads can also be a major cause of circuit overload. If you simply don’t have enough plug sockets and need to use an extension cord, always make sure you check the rating and be careful not to plug too many high-energy appliances in at once – if severely overheated, this could even cause a fire.

If you’re not sure what’s causing the problem, the best thing to do is seek professional advice from a qualified electrician – and that’s where Leigh Electrical come in! Although a circuit overload might be caused by something as simple as plugging in too many appliances, it may also be due to a loose, corroded or deteriorated wiring. If your circuit is overloading frequently – while very inconvenient – it may also be very dangerous, so it’s crucial that it’s checked out as soon as possible.

At Leigh Electrical we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and making sure that your safety is put first in each and every situation. We have built up an excellent reputation over the last 50 years, making sure your electrics are working just as they should be to keep your family, home and business protected at all times. We offer services around the South Essex and London area, so if you’re suffering with constantly tripping circuits or you just want some help and advice, get in touch today!

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