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Electrical Safety in the Bathroom

Water and electricity just don’t mix – that’s one thing everyone should be aware of. When it comes to the bathroom, the room in the house with the most danger of water, which means the risk of electrocution is raised further – so it’s even more crucial that sockets and lights are fitted by a qualified electrician. Here’s Leigh Electrical’s guide to keeping safe in your bathroom.

There are several different ‘zones’ in a bathroom which dictate what devices are allowed depending on how much contact they are likely to have with water – for example by a bath or shower, only insulated cords are allowed, and sockets are not allowed unless they are at least three metres away from any water sources.

If you’re redecorating your bathroom and aren’t sure which type of lights would be best, then it’s always best to go for lights that are embedded into the ceiling rather than those that hang down to reduce the risk of water splashing into circuits. Ceiling pull cords are usually better than standard switches due to the risk of electrocution if someone touches them with wet hands.

Mains-operated appliances should never be brought into a bathroom – there is a serious risk of injury or even death. Electric heaters should also be far enough away from the bath or shower (three metres) that any risk is firmly reduced – but if your bathroom gets cold, then central heating is probably the safest method of protecting yourself from electric shocks in your bathroom.

It’s crucially important that any electrical work needed in your bathroom is carried out by a qualified and safe electrician. Leigh Electrical are a NICEIC-certified business that have been operating in the South Essex and London region for more than 50 years – so you can rest assured we know all there is to know about safe, secure and high quality electric work. For more information, contact us today.

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