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Electrical Tips For New Homeowners

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The dangers of electricity are plain for all to see. We all know of the risks, but have become quite comfortable with using electricity and maybe are a little complacent. The vast majority of electrical accidents are preventable and we wanted to give you our tips on staying safe in your new home.

  • Celebrate your home’s birthday. The age of your home affects the quality of your electrical systems as some buildings weren’t designed with large electrical currents in mind. However, in carrying out tests, inspections and rewiring where necessary, you can ensure that your home remains safe. Why not give your home a safety inspection every now and then?
  • Try not to use extension leads for too long a period of time. They are great as a temporary solution, but if you are using an extension lead as a permanent source of power, you’re best bet is to ring up Leigh Electrical and have us come and install another power outlet for you.
  • For every room fitted with running water, you will need to ensure that a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is installed. A GFCI will shut down a circuit that has become a shock hazard and these are mandatory requirements for all new homes. If your home is a little older, it is worth double checking that these have been installed.
    Don’t overload your sockets. Try to just use one electrical appliance at a time.
    Check electrical tools and cables for any damage. Any frayed cables or tools that give off shocks and sparks should be replaced immediately.
  • Check the label on your fuse box. Ensure that the right fuses are being used.
  • Install smoke detectors everywhere you can. While it might sound like a pain, you will be very grateful for those smoke alarms when they save you and your home from going up in flames. Periodically check that they are working – with good smoke detectors you will be able to use the ‘test’ button.
  • Check that sockets aren’t overheating. A warm outlet may signal that there is too great an electrical load on the circuit, or a problem with the wiring. The best thing to do is to stop using that particular socket and have a qualified electrician come and take a look. At Leigh Electrical, we handle these kinds of requests on a regular basis and would be happy to lend a hand.

Electrical work can be very dangerous. Qualified electricians undergo years of training to be able to do these kinds of jobs on a daily basis. If ever you are in doubt, it is always safer to give Leigh Electrical a call, than to attempt to carry out electrical work yourself. Call us for a free quote and we’ll help you keep your home safe.

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