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The Importance Of Earthing And Bonding

Earthing and bonding are fundamental components of any electrical work and the safety of the work depends on the correct installation of the earthing and bonding.


Earthing is what stops you from getting an electric shock. When there is a fault in an electrical installation, you could receive a shock because the electricity could try to use your body as a path from live to earth. Earthing involves a protective conductor providing a fault current to flow to earth and causes the fuse or circuit breaker to switch off the electric current when it detects a fault.


Bonding is an alternative means of protection. Rather than cutting the electrical current, bonding reduces the risk and severity of electric shocks in the case of someone touching two separate metal parts in a faulty circuit. When bonding conductors are connected, this reduces the voltage that there would have been, thereby lowering the risk. There are two main types of bonding: main and supplementary.


At Leigh Electrical, our team of fully-qualified electricians have many years’ experience in installing and testing earthing and bonding. We know the importance of ensuring the safety of homes and businesses across Essex and London. We are happy to give you advice on whether your bonding or earthing need updating and can of course carry out the work for you. We are NICEIC approved so you can be sure that our work meets the highest standards. Get in touch with us today for advice and a free quote!


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