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First Aid For An Electric Shock

The risk of electric shocks have dramatically decreased over the years as electrical systems have become safer and safer, but the risk of electric shocks still remains. If you witness someone suffering an electric shock, you should first try and remove the person from the current’s source. Here is some advice from Leigh Electrical.


  • First try to turn off the power. Unplug an appliance as long as the socket is not damaged or use a circuit breaker, fuse box, or outside switch.


  • If you are unable to turn off the power, try and remove the person from the current’s source by force, but ensure to stand on something non-conductive and use a non-conductive object.


  • Stand on a wooden plank or some dry newspapers and try to separate the person using a wooden broom, a chair or a rubber doormat.


  • If it involves high voltage lines, the local power company will need to switch them off.


  • If power lines fall on a car, tell people to stay inside unless there is the threat of a fire or explosion.


These are just some basic steps that we recommend that might be able to help in a crisis situation. Of course, you should always seek the help of the emergency services. These suggestions are merely for when you need to take drastic action.


If you are worried about electric shocks, feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to give you some advice. At Leigh Electrical, we regularly carry out testing, inspections and new installations, all of which can help minimise the risk of electric shocks. It is possible that your home or workplace could benefit from some electrical work and Leigh Electrical would be happy to help.


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