At Leigh Electrical, we offer a wide range of services to resolve all your electrical issues.

Lighting: We are experienced at installing and repairing all types of lighting. At Leigh Electrical, there are several factors that influence our approach to installing lighting in your home or garden. Both indoor and outdoor, we provide an excellent service throughout.

  • Safety & Endurance: We install systems that are not only safe, but are designed to last. Our expert wiring ensures that you will not encounter problems further down the road.
  • Beauty: At Leigh Electrical we understand the crucial differences between lighting for bathrooms and kitchens to that of bedrooms and living rooms. We take into account the style, positioning and ambience of the lighting for each particular room, working closely with you to find a solution that excites you.
  • Value: We understand that even small tweaks to a pre-existing lighting system can make a huge difference to you in your daily life. We also believe that a well-installed and attractive lighting can add value to a property.
Power Points & Outlets:There are few things more annoying than settling into your new living room before realising that the socket is just out of reach of your phone charger. When installing power points at Leigh Electrical, we take into account all scenarios and interior designs, to ensure that you can move things freely around a space, without having to worry about whether the power will be there. The same goes for TV and Phone outlets. Our installations and repairs and made with you in mind.

Safety:At Leigh Electrical, safety is one of the most important parts of what we do. When making updates to pre-existing systems, we are always on the lookout for ways we can improve the safety for you and your family. Some of the safety improvements we work on include:

  • Child proof installations: In all our installations, we ensure that what we install is child proof.
  • Wiring Updates: Checks on the wiring are crucial in ensuring that you don’t run into big problems in the future. We understand that old and out of date wiring can pose a threat to your home.
  • Circuit breaker replacements: Circuit Breakers can be overloaded by too much electrical activity and at Leigh Electrical, we find a Circuit Breaker with sufficient electrical capacity and upgrade as needs be.
Testing: Come to Leigh Electrical for us to run tests on your current electrical systems. With our five year guarantee, you can be sure that the system will last and be safe. Electrical checks are often neglected, but they can prevent costly damages to a system at a later date.