Positive Input Ventilation System Installation PIV | Benfleet | Essex | SS7

Positive Input Ventilation System Installation PIV | Benfleet | Essex | SS7

Although the PIV season is over now with the warmer weather Leigh Electrical Contractors are still carrying out PIV installations throughout Essex and London.

A local landlord had called Leigh Electrical Contractors as they had just got one of their properties back after the tenant had unfortunately passed away. The tenant had lived in the house in Benfleet, Essex for over 10 years and had let it slip in to a sorry state with some of the worst mould we have seen for a long time.

The smell of mould was so over powering that the team at Leigh Electrical Contractors had to wear full face masks, although often over looked as a cosmetic problem black mould can be extremely dangerous to your health, causing a host of respiratory problems.

The mould had become so bad that it was found in all areas of the property, it was even found in the cupboards and even the kitchen cutlery draws!

Leigh Electrical Contractors advised the landlord that although the condensation and mould problem was really bad it was easy to rectify, the first thing was to install a Envirovent PIV loft unit which would circulate fresh filtered air around the whole property.

The Envirovent PIV loft unit works by filtering the drier air form the loft void, and circulates the filtered air around the property, this movement means that the water vapour in the damp, humid air cannot turn in to water droplets when it touches the colder areas in the house, the most common being windows and walls turning into condensation.

The next recommendation was to upgrade the bathroom fan from a wall fan, that didn’t actually operate to a new Envirovent in-line fan located in the loft. As the fan is in the loft it can be a lot bigger and more powerful, theĀ  fan was wired into the light which means that when the light is turned off the timer operates and lets the fan run on for 20 minutes completely clearing the room of steam.

A new Envirovent trickle fan was installed in the kitchen, the trickle fan works like a mini PIV unit so runs 24/7 and then has a boost button so that the fan can go on to boost mode when the tenant is cooking. This eliminates the steam from the kitchen but also helps the air flow through the house as it pulls the air through to the outside.

All the work was carried out in a day which made the landlord very happy as he was able to wash off the mould that week and then get the decorators in the next week to paint the property ready to be rented out again.

After a fortnight Leigh Electrical Contractors returned to the property to check that the mould had not returned and that the condensation problem had also gone.

All of the work carried out by Leigh Electrical Contractors is covered by the NICEIC Platinum Promise Guarantee. The Platinum Promise is a guarantee provided by the NICEIC that covers the electrical work completed by their registered contractors for 6 years following completion of the work.

Alongside positive input ventilation system installations, Leigh Electrical Contractors also perform all manner of standard domestic electrician works alongside specialist and bespoke electrical installations.

To speak to our team regarding positive input ventilation system installations or any of the other electrical services we offer, please call us directly on 01702 873350.

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Why Use Leigh Electrical Contractors for Positive Ventilation Installations?

Leigh Electrical Contractors have been installing positive ventilation system PIVs for over 10 years in all types of properties all over Essex and London. We have a wide and in-depth knowledge of the best ventilation system for you property and guarantee that after the work has finished your condensation will be gone!

Our highly skilled ventilation team operate in and around London 7 days a week including evenings and all of our quotes are provided free of charge and with absolutely no obligation.

The quality and professionalism of the workmanship provided by Leigh Electrical Contractors has been remarked upon numerous times by our previous customers which have made us one of the highest ranked electrical companies on multiple review and trade comparison sites – such as Google, Trust a Trader and Checkatrade.

To speak to one of our knowledge team about positive input ventilation PIV please call us directly on 01702 873350.

Leigh Electrical Contractors are proud to have been Approved Contractors with the NICEIC for over 20 years and look forward to providing a high quality service for the next 20!