Positive Input Ventilation System Installation PIV | Enfield | London | E1


Positive Input Ventilation System PIV | Enfield | London | E1

Leigh Electrical Contractors having been doing more and more positive input ventilation PIV installs as the word has been spreading online about how good they are at stopping condensation. Condensation isn’t just annoying to wipe off of the window, it also causes black mould over time if it isn’t dealt with.

This black mould will keep coming back in your property unless you deal with the root cause of the condensation and tackle the humidity in the air. If nothing is done about the mould it can not just affect the property but also your health and immune system, causing headaches, breathing difficulties, nausea, fatigue and even trigger respiratory problems and asthma.

Leigh Electrical Contractors were called by a young family in Enfield, London, with 3 small children the parents were concerned about the damage the mould could be having on their children’s health.

The family was right to be worried about the mould as in extreme cases it can be fatal, in 2020, two-year-old Awaab Ishak died after prolonged exposure to black mould in his home in Rochdale.

This tragic death could of easily been avoided if a proper ventilation system had been installed in the property, Leigh Electrical Contractors have been providing specialist ventilation systems throughout London and Essex for over 20 years.

This particular house was like many houses that we visit there was a fan inĀ  the bathroom but it was very efficient and only operated when the light was on and as soon as the light was turned off the fan would stop. This leaves all the steam in the room which just adds to the overall humidity of the air.

Leigh Electrical Contractors advised the customer to replace the bathroom and toilet fans with new Envirovent Silent 100 fans wired into the light so that when the light is turned off the timer operates and lets the fan run on for 20 minutes.

A Envirovent PIV loft unit was also recommended to be fitted in the loft so that the air can flow around the house making sure that the condensation wouldn’t come back

As with all Leigh Electrical Contractors installations, the work is covered via the NICEIC Platinum Promise Guarantee. The Platinum Promise is a guarantee provided by the NICEIC that covers the electrical work completed by their registered contractors ( such as Leigh Electrical ) for a full 6 years following completion of the work.

Alongside positive input ventilation system installations, Leigh Electrical Contractors also perform all manner of standard domestic electrician works alongside specialist and bespoke electrical installations.

To speak to our team regarding positive input ventilation system installations or any of the other electrician services we offer, please call us directly on 01702 873350.

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Why Use Leigh Electrical Contractors for Positive Ventilation Installations?

When looking to have a positive ventilation system PIV installed it is imperative that you utilise the services of an electrician who is used to performing custom electrical installations. Attention to detail and a clean finish to the works are essential features to installations of this nature.

Our teams operate in and around London 7 days a week including evenings and all of our quotes are provided free of charge and with absolutely no obligation.

The quality and professionalism of the workmanship provided by Leigh Electrical Contractors has been remarked upon numerous times by our previous customers which have made us one of the highest ranked electrical companies on multiple review and trade comparison sites – such as Google, Trust a Trader and Checkatrade.

To speak to one of our knowledge team about positive input ventilation PIV please call us directly on 01702 873350.

Leigh Electrical Contractors are proud to have been Approved Contractors with the NICEIC for over 20 years and look forward to providing a high quality service for the next 20!