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Positive Input Ventilation System PIV | Shoreditch | London | E1

Leigh Electrical Contractors were called by a family in Shoreditch, London that was carrying out a full refurbishment of their Victorian terrace house. The house was 3 flats and was being turned into a large family house, when the survey was carried out before the purchase it came back with serious mould problems in each flat.

The mould problem was exceptionally bad in the basement that was being mainly caused by the damp coming through the walls. When Leigh Electrical Contractors carried out the site survey the smell of mould in the basement was very over powering. The top 2 flats also had a lot of condensation that had started to turn into black mould but this could easily be fixed with the addition of a correct ventilation system.

As the flats were now going to be one house Leigh Electrical Contractors recommended to install an Envirovent PIV in the loft and also an Envirovent wall mounted PIV in the basement, as the filtered air from the loft PIV wouldn’t be able to reach the basement as it was too far down.

The basement was being tanked in plastic by a damp company, they were also knocking the plaster back to brick so that it could be re-rendered in a waterproof plaster. The ceiling was also taken down so that it could be insulated which meant that we could run the 4″ pipework through the ceiling and out into the garden.

This 4″ pipework brings fresh air into the Envirovent wall mounted PIV which is then filtered and then circulated around the basement. The Envirovent loft PIV works in the same way but instead of needing an air source from outside the Envirovent loft PIV filters the dryer air from the loft.

A PIV unit are the easiest and cheapest way to combat condensation and provide a healthier indoor air quality by filtering the air in the loft and providing a constant flow through the house. This dry flowing air stops the water vapour sitting on the windows and walls and turning into water droplets leading to condensation.

The problem areas in any property are the places where there is higher levels of humidity in the air like the bathroom and around the windows in the bedrooms. The outside walls are also a problem area as the walls are cold and where the warm humid air hits the walls it turns in to water droplets and is sucked into the plaster causing damp patches.

Without tackling condensation mould will keep coming back in your property unless you deal with the root cause of the condensation and tackle the humidity in the air. If nothing is done about the mould it can not just affect the property but also the health of the family, this can be even more dangerous to the elderly and the young.

As well as the Envirovent loft and wall mounted PIV an Envirovent in-line fan was added to the main bathroom and a Envirovent trickle fan was added to the downstairs toilet as well as a powerful kitchen extractor above the hob.

The ventilation system was installed along side the refurbishment work and Leigh Electrical Contractors also carried out a full rewire of the property and worked side by side the other trades.

The family have now moved into the property and on a recent revisit they were happy to tell us that the condensation problem had stopped and there was now no black mould anywhere in the property. They also told us that the air in the house seemed a lot fresher and the smell of mould had completely gone from the basement.

All Leigh Electrical Contractors installations, the work is covered via the NICEIC Platinum Promise Guarantee. The Platinum Promise is a guarantee provided by the NICEIC that covers the electrical work completed by their registered contractors for a full 6 years following completion of the work.

Alongside positive input ventilation system installations, Leigh Electrical Contractors also perform all manner of domestic electrical works alongside specialist and bespoke installations.

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Why Use Leigh Electrical Contractors for Positive Ventilation Installations?

When looking to have a positive ventilation system PIV installed it is imperative that you utilise the services of an electrician who is used to performing custom electrical installations. Attention to detail and a clean finish to the works are essential features to installations of this nature.

Leigh Electrical Contractors have been installing Envirovent systems for over 10 years and have completed hundreds of installs for happy customers all over Essex and London.

Our teams operate in and around London and Essex 7 days a week including evenings and all of our quotes are provided free of charge and with absolutely no obligation.

The quality and professionalism of the workmanship provided by Leigh Electrical Contractors has been remarked upon numerous times by our previous customers which have made us one of the highest ranked electrical companies on multiple review and trade comparison sites – such as Google, Trust a Trader and Checkatrade.

To speak to one of our knowledge team about positive input ventilation PIV or any other Envirovent product please call us directly on 01702 873350.

Leigh Electrical Contractors are proud to have been Approved Contractors with the NICEIC for over 20 years and look forward to providing a high quality service for the next 20!